About Us:


Audio Doctor is a unique audio showroom and listening room for  enthusiasts - We are not a retail storefront we are the vision, passion, and expertise, of one of the industry's most passionate music lovers, and equipment enthusiasts.

For over 25 years, We have been working in the audio industry perfecting the art of creating audio and video systems which transcend the physicality of inanimate electronics boxes, the elusive goal is to be able to recreate the illusion of living, breathing, musicians playing in your own home; and in the case of a surround sound system, to transport the viewer inside the action of a Hollywood movie!

To accomplish this goal requires both knowledge and experimentation to find just the right group of components, this is one reason why we sell a vast variety of different components, to be able to match our clients' specific needs, budgets and sonic aspirations.

We built Audio Doctor Showrooms, out of our fascination with emerging brands and new technologies. At the Audio Doctor showrooms you will find exceptional audio and video products from some of the industries brightest minds, from class leading manufacturers, from all over the world!high end home theater

Audio Doctor caters to everyone, from the beginning music lover on a budget, to those seeking the finest in audio and video equipment. We are specialists in the art of stealth audio, which is the skillful deployment of home entertainment products designed to artistically blend in, harmoniously into a home's décor.

We welcome you to give us a call to set up your private appointment to experience what high end audio / video is all about!

Showroom Environment:

One of our four showrooms and eight listening areas!

We have always believed that shopping for audio equipment should be a relaxing, and enjoyable experience, with that in mind, we have turned a restored Victorian Home into an audio/video oasis, with 3 floors of sound rooms, and eight individual listening areas, including a dedicated Movie Theater with five playable Home Theater and Media Room scenarios, all for our clients to experience the best in superb Home Entertainment.

In our showrooms you will find over 60 lines of remarkable audio and video products from all over the world, from some of the most fascinating minds in home entertainment!

Our demoing process also guarantees you great results: NO SWITCHBOARDS, good quality cabling, power conditioning, proper speaker positioning and carefully setup demos!


Audio Doctor's showrooms are open year round by appointment only. The reason is simple; we want the experience to be about you and your enjoyment in discovering state of the art music or home theater products. We can accommodate your busy schedule with late night or early morning appointments and of course weekends. Why should you have to scramble to find time to visit a shop, wouldn't it be nice if the shop would work around your schedule to serve you? To schedule an appointment, please contact us.


Audio Doctor is located on a quiet street in a residential neighborhood in nearby Jersey City New Jersey  serving the NY audio enthusiast market exclusively.


Our offices are easy to reach via all modes of transportation.

Path Train: Jersey City stop, JSQ (Taxi is best to our address)

New York Bus: Port Authority 125 bus to Hutton Stop. Walk down Sanford Street to Sherman Place. Our showroom is the corner house.

Car: Via Holland or Lincoln tunnel.