Integrated Amplifiers

The integrated amplifier is your best bet for maximum musical performance without the greater cost and complexity of separates components. Audio Doctor's collection of integrated amplifiers is hard to beat; we have a diverse selection from class leading manufacturers from all over the world!

Cambridge Audio

Is the value leader in high quality electronics. Cambridge Audio's wide ranges of electronics are surprisingly affordable yet deliver sound quality which belies their modes t price. Cambridge amplifiers start at $500.00.


No other British company has ever produced such a remarkable sounding integrated amplifier for such a low price. The award winning 2010s sounds like a much more expensive amplifier, smooth sounding, dynamic, with a remarkable sense of rhythm and timing all for $1,295.00.


The H70 is an outstanding 70 watt integrated amplifier with a built in DAC for $1,995.00 The built in Dac is the same dac which Hegel sells for $1,200.00 When you couple this remarkable dac with an equally amazing high current 70 watt amplifier, you have an unbelievable value, just add a set of speakers, a computer or cd player to feed the dac and you have an outstanding system. Hegel's products have a wide open sound with tremendous bass and a clean clear sound which matches their understated looks. We have both the H70 and the H70's bigger brother the 200 watt H200.


Luxman is Japans most famous audio company. Their fully featured integrated amplifiers have some of the most enticing sound around. Luxman's sound is both warm yet detailed. The sound and build quality of Luxman's gear is legendary. We display Luxman's most popular models, the 550 MK II a 20 watt pure class A amplifier which can play as loud as most 100 watt amplifier.


Mastersound is a cult Italian brand famous for making handmade amplifiers for true music lovers. The Compact 845 is a 30 watt, pure Class A, SET integrated amplifier which sounds far more powerful than its rated power indicates. If you hookup a pair of moderately efficient loudspeakers, you will be astonished at the level of realism and the sheer beautify of sound which comes out of the Compact 845. True tube magic priced at $5,795.00.


From France, makes one of the best sounding $2,500.00 Integrated amplifiers we have heard. This unbelievable little amplifier has every possible feature imaginable is cool running and sounds absolutely wonderful.


The Rega Mira $1,195 is a powerful 60 watt integrated amplifier which represents the qualities Rega is famous for. The Mira's sound is quick, with excellent detail. We have two of the world's best British integrated amplifiers, the Rega Mira and the Exposure 2010; let the battle of the best British hifi begin.


From New Zealand, builds solid state designs which sound warm and liquid. The 200 watt 9200 can drive any loudspeaker in existence with total ease, the 9200 challenges much more expensive separates and has been rated as one of the best integrated amplifiers in its price range. The 9200 sells for $5,200.00 and comes with a fantastic phono stage.


Vincent makes high value hybrid electronics which marry a tube front end to a powerful solid sate output stage. Warm, punchy and clean sounding Vincent electronics are great starter products. The critically acclaimed SV 236MK II is a true 150 watt powerhouse for only $1,995.00.