Analog Components

If you are yearning to playback your records, Audio Doctor has some excellent choices for you. Many people have forgotten the magic which is contained in the vinyl groove; warm, flowing musically evocative, a good turntable will bring your precious records back to life!

Parasound JC3

The Parasound JC3 is a remarkable achievement in phono amplification!

The JC 3 is a direct descendant of the legendary Vendetta phono stage which has been rated as one of the greatest phono stages ever built! The JC 3 is whisper quiet with a vivid three dimensional soundstage which makes your records come alive! The JC 3 competes with some of the most expensive phono stages around is and is a great buy for only $2,300.00.


For nearly 40 years Rega has built remarkable record players, which are the epitome of great sound, stunning design, and all their turntables are a superb value! Rega turntables start at $450.00 for the wonderful RPM Table. The mid-priced turntable P324 at $900.00 is a wonderful and very affordable high performance turntable that starts to really enable you to appreciate the magic of vinyl!

Roksan Turntables

Roksan is a famous British Manufacturer who revitalized the design of the classic British suspended turntable. The Roksan Xerxes employs many advanced technologies to isolate the groove from the destructive effects of noise and vibration, the end result is a remarkably three dimensional totally life like sound!

Phono Cartridges

Audio Doctor has a wide variety of excellent phono cartridges from many different manufacturers and many different price and performance levels. We represent Benz, Clear audio and many others.

Phono Stages

Audio Doctor represents many fine phono stages designed to match our customers' specific requirements. We have excellent phono stages from AMR, Manley Labs, Rega, Cambridge Audio. Esoteric and others.