Architectural and Specialty Loudspeakers

Audio Doctor has a dazzling selection of unique application specific loudspeakers. Whether you need a super slim pair of speakers to compliment an ultra- flat television, or you want a great sounding system without having visible loudspeakers, we have your solution! We have speakers cleverly disguised as elegant artwork, we even have speakers designed to go under drywall for a completely invisible installation.

Artcoustic: Hidden Art Loudspeakers

From Denmark comes high performance loudspeakers cleaverly disguised as beautifully framed artwork, from $2,500 - $5,500.00 a pair. The Artcoustic speakers are 3-4 inch thick, and can be hung on a wall or actually installed flush on a wall to look exactly like framed artwork. Choose from a wide range of classic photography or artwork or provide your own imagery for a completely personalized look. Great sound meets stunning visuals!

Stealth Acoustics: Hidden Plaster Speakers

For the ultimate in unseen audio, Audio Doctor has on display loudspeakers from Stealth Acoustics. Stealth Acoustics are specially designed, invisible loudspeakers which are designed to be hidden under paint or wallpaper. With Stealth acoustics all you see is your wall and nothing else!

KEF 205: Ultra Flat Surround Sound System

New for 2010, Kef has introduced the worlds' flattest high performance on wall loudspeakers. The T series are designed to complement today's ultra-flat televisions.
The T series utilizes trickle down technology from Kef's revolutionary Blade concept speakers, to create loudspeakers which are less than 2 inches thick which are capable of truly amazing room filling sound! The T series also includes a shallow high performance subwoofer to compliment the satellite loudspeakers. Complete 5.1 systems start at $1,495 - $2,000.00.

Artison: Ultra Flat Integrated Theater System

For the ultimate clean looking, on wall theater installation, the perfect choice are loudspeakes from Artison. Artison cleverly incorpoates the center channel into the left and right loudspeakers, this means you only need two visable loudspeakers to create a full three channel system. New for 2010 is the DM series from Artison which are designed to compliment today's latest ultra flat televisons. All you need to create a great sounding home theater are the two on wall Artison's, a pair of discreet rear channel speakers and a subwoofer. Artison speakers start at $2,000 to $2,800.00.

Episode In-Ceiling Theater

Episode is a new name in high quality custom installation loudspeakers. Episode loudspeakers use superior drivers and engineering to produce some of the best sound you will ever hear out of a custom installation loudspeaker. The Episode HT 700 is an innovative angled in ceiling speaker designed to project sound from a ceiling location towards the listeners. If you are looking for a great sounding in ceiling solution the Episodes deliver terrific sound for a reasonable price.

Ambisonics: High Performance Outdoor Audio System

The Ambisonics outdoor loudspeaker array is something truly unique, an outdoor sound system that actually makes real music! The Ambisonics system is comprised of a series of tiny wide dispersion high frequency modules which can be hung from a tree, mounted to a bush, or sunk into the ground and are spread out to cover a wide array; bass frequencies are handled by a buried subwoofer which vents out to the area via a mushroom shaped tubular port. Then the entire system is powered by a high powered digitally controlled amplifier. One listen to an Ambisonics system and you will be amazed that the great outdoors can be turned into a concert! Expensive but there is nothing else comparable on the market, systems start at $8,500.00 and can be expanded to cover any size property.