High performance cabling is more than an accessory it is the necessary conduit to pass all a system's information. No matter how good a system's components are if you are not using good cabling, then you will not be able to achieve good performance, once information is lost it cannot be recovered. Audio Doctor displays and demonstrates many fine lines of cabling.


Is a company synonymous with state of the art cabling! Audio Quest builds cables from entry level cables at less than a $100.00 to state of the art cabling at $10,000.00 we love the new Audio Quest DBS series of cabling which uses a patented battery charging system to provide a constant voltage to charge the cables shielding. The result of this technology is to help preserve information and eliminate time smearing and ghosting effects. DBS cables have a clean clear sound with exceptional resolution. DBS cables start at $500.00 and go to $2,500.00.

Kubala Sosna

It took years of experimentation to produce Kubala Sosna's patented geometry, but once Dr. Howard Sosna discovered it, he knew he was onto something. Kubala Sosna's cables got instant notice, based on their unique combination of sonic virtues. The award winning Emotion series of cabling have a remarkable wide open sound and music just flows effortlessly though them.

In 2010 Kubala created their ultimate expression of their technology the Elation series. The Elation series has been compared to the most expensive cabling on the market, and the Elation stands up to the best of them. The Elation sounds like no other cabling, wide open, crystal clear with a degree of liquidity that makes music sound emotional. Elation is expensive but if you have a world class system then Elation would be your best choice!


Audio Doctor is pleased to represent Nordost's brand new Leif Series Cables.

Nordost's new Leif cabling offers a degree of speed and transparency that have never been possible in such an affordable range of products. The Leif series is a completely redesigned range of products based on ever

Aything Nordost's engineers have learned over 20 years producing some of the world's best cables. The Leif cables employ much of the same advanced metallurgy and dielectric and shielding technology of Nordost's reference lines of cabling, except that the Leif series of cabling costs a fraction of the price! Starting at $179 for the White Lightning cables to the $499 a pair Red Dawn interconnects and speaker cables which start at $359.00 for the White Lightning to $995 a pair for the Red Dawn speaker cables.

Sound String

Is a relatively new name in high performance cabling, with a unique back story. Sound String is a division of Lion Cable Corporation, a very large industrial cable manufacturer. Unlike many small cable companies, Sound String makes every component of the product; from the raw metals to the finished cable. Sound String cables are remarkably musical and are surprisingly affordable.