The cornerstone of a great sounding system is clean power. We work with companies that are truly innovative and whose products make a definitive audible difference as well as protecting your sensitive components from damaging spikes and surges.


Is the most famous name in power conditioning products from the UK. Isotek's products have a clean, clear sound and they build models at all different price ranges and levels of performance. One of our favorite units is the Sigmas, a $2,595.00 conditioner designed to replicate 70% of the performance of Isotek's reference Titan and Nova which has a combined price of $8,500.00! The Isotek Titan is a $4,000.00 reference power conditioner which can easily provide clean power to even the most massive power amplifiers. The matching Nova can handle an entire system or be used for the most demanding front ends, $4,595.00.

Running Springs

An American company known for making the best power conditioning units on the market! Running Springs power conditioners produce an incredible sonic improvement. When you add a Dmitri or Maxim to your system, the sound becomes much more three dimensional, the bass gets tighter and the noise floor drops off completely! Expensive but worth it, Running Springs conditioners start at $1,595.00 and go to $6,300.00.