CD Players, DAC and Servers

Audio Doctor has a wide range of state of the art digital fronts ends starting at $299 - $12,000. Whether you are an old school cd user, or you enjoy storing your music on your computer, Audio Doctor has the most musical digital front ends imaginable!


The AMR CD 77 is a remarkable piece of engineering, which happens to make stunning music!

The AMR CD 77 CD player/DAC was designed to make digital as enjoyable and natural as the finest analog front ends! This massive 70lb CD player's every part has been built to the highest standards possible: the CD 77 is based upon a legendary dac chip the Philips TDA 1541A which many people consider the most musical dac chip ever created! This rare chip is mated to a dual mono all tube analog section, a custom temperature controlled clock, a custom designed re-generated choke filtered power supply, a custom built cd transport with an array of light absorbing blue leds and a mass loaded 2lbs spring isolated all aluminum cd deck with a machined clamp. In summation this is one incredibly built CD player, which costs $10,000-$12,000 depending on options.

The CD 77 can be ordered with an optional digital input stage, and comes standard with an usb input. One listen to the CD 77 and you will be amazed at the enormous three dimensional soundstage, and liquid midrange that only a tube based player can provide! Expensive but truly a magical experience, and if you crave most of the magic of the CD 77 but at a more affordable price point AMR makes the 777 series which offers a nice dose of the CD 77's performance for only $4,500.


Bryston has built two of the best values in high performance digital on the market today! The award winning BCD 1 has been rated as one of the best sounding cd players at $2,895 and has been compared to much more expensive digital front ends. The sound of the player is truly exceptional, wide open and crystal clear! If you need a DAC to upgrade an existing CD player or you want to use a computer, then the BDA 1 is a terrific dac for $2,150.

Cambridge Audio

Considered as a true leader in high quality, high value, digital front ends, this famous English company has been wowing the critics by producing products which use advanced engineering usually seen in very expensive components, yet Cambridge has brought the price of admission down to very affordable levels! Audio Doctor displays Cambridge Audios most popular models including the Dac Magic, $479.00, the Azur 650CD $700 and the Azur 840C, $1,795 which is one of the best sounding players under $2,000 and one of the very few players which has full digital inputs! Cambridge's starter DAC the DAC magic, is a great way of making an enormous improvement to a modest system, this dac sells for only $479.


The QBD 76 is a high performance DAC that competes with some of the most expensive digital front ends around, yet costs only $6,300! Chord uses some of the most advanced engineering in the entire industry, and unlike most other companies, Chord employs totally unique hardware. The QBD employs a proprietary Watts time aligned filter which was designed to preserve the tiniest details in music with stunning clarity! The key to the QBD 76's remarkable sound quality is that the dac uses custom programmed gate arrays with 40 times greater processing power than any conventional dac chips! The specs of the QBD 76 are equally extraordinary, the DAC's clock runs at 115mhz and utilizes a new type of PLL for virtually unmatched low levels of jitter, the dac is capable up to 2608 times oversampling and digital filtering. One listen to the QBD 76 and you will be blown away by how real music can sound!


Esoteric is one of the most respected Japanese Manufacturers in the industry. Audio Doctor displays Esoteric's most popular models, the SA 50 and the reference K03. The SA 50 is a remarkable $6,000 CD player, which plays CDs, SACDs and is also a full function dac! The SA 50 is chock full of sophisticated engineering and creates stunning sound for a reasonable price.

Audio Doctor is pleased to be showcasing Esoteric's 2nd from the top reference K03 CD/SACD player and DAC, at $13,000. The K03 offers sound which is very close to the top of the line K01 player which sells for $22,000. The K03 is a technological tour de force combining state of the art AKM 4399 dac's in a quad differential engine, which lowers distortion and retrieves and enormous amount of detail! The K03 has one of the best disc reading mechanisms available and can player high resolution files at 24 bit 192k sampling via the K03 asynchronous usb input. If you are looking for one of the best total playback solutions in the world the K03 will do it for you, smooth, effortless highly realistic playback built to last a lifetime.


Exposure is a famous British manufacturer known for making remarkable components which excel at pace, rhythm and timing. The 2010 CD player is a wonderful player for $1,295.


Hegel is a small Norwegian company known for their advanced engineering and unique designs. Hegel’s CD players employ custom software to drive the read laser, coupled to a superior analog section and state of the art decoding chips. Hegel products produce a very dimensional soundstage, a warm liquid midrange and excel at information retrieval and dynamics! The CDP2A is one of the best sounding CD players, for its price range, $2,650. We also have the Hegel HD 10 which is one of the most amazing dac’s we have ever heard, and for $1,200 the HD 10 is a terrific way to upgrade an existing system!


HRT stands for High Resolution Technologies, and their products don't disappoint. The diminutive Music Streamers are powered by your computer and output high resolution music files stored on your computer. HRT makes three models of streamers, a starter $150 Music Streamer, a high resolution HRT Plus for $350 which offers far superior sound quality, and a $500 Pro Model which offers balanced outputs and better sound! If you are using a computer to store music the HRT products are a terrific solution for the computer audiophile.

M2 Tech

Audio Doctor is pleased to announce the addition of M2's unique high value digital products to our stable of incredible products. M2 has rocketed to the forefront of digital engineering over the last decade. Marco Marutini the company's head of design has an impressive resume and has designed state of the art digital products for numerous high end companies in Europe. The M2 products are minimalist designs which employ radical technology yet are priced reasonably. M2 makes digital interface devices as well as full dac's. We have the M2 Evo an impressive adapter box which connects via USB to your computer and allows a low jitter asynchronous output to a high end dac.

We also carry M2 brand new dac the Young. The Young is one of the very few dacs which can process the highest resolution usb signals that exist 32 bit 384k! This means the dac can handle all of the future high resolution downloads! The Young is chock full of very advanced technology and sounds absolutely superb! This is the finest DAC we've heard under $5k the Young sells for only $1,800.00


Is a famous French company at the forefront of digital design. The Airstream is a streaming engine designed to sync with your computer and effortlessly stream and decode your stored music. The Airstream sounds terrific and is easy to setup. $1,595.


Qsonix makes a state of the art music server, which makes storing and accessing a large music collection a joy! The Qsonix server utilizes state of the art technology to enable the server to output data in a pristine fashion to give your dac the best possible signal. The server is mated to a large 15inch touch panel display which runs a custom designed interface used to control and access all the music stored on the server. With a Qsonix system your music and be stored and cataloged with ease!


Rega is famous for producing two of the best CD players on the market, the Apollo, and the Saturn. The Apollo is a $995 CD player which offers amazing performance for the money, the more expensive Saturn at $2,495 is a dramatic reworking of the Saturn with a pure class a power supply and improved parts all around. The Saturn takes the Apollo's sound quality to an entirely new level. The Saturn has an extremely musical sound, with a depth and clarity that is outstanding for the price!

New for 2011 is Rega's brand new Dac. The Rega Dac is a stunning achievement in an affordable digital technology! The Rega Dac sounds amazing full bodied and musical with an engaging musical quality which brings you into the performance. The Rega Dac has five changeable filter settings and a proprietary USB decoder which enables high resolution playback from your computer all for only $995.


From Germany, comes Vincent Audio's CD S6. The CD S6 is a hybrid tube based player that uses the warm full bodied sound of tubes to make listening to cd's as enjoyable as possible. $2,000.