Dedicated Theater Speakers

The art of creating a truly magical Home Cinema experience is the complete suspension of disbelief; for the audience to be so immersed in the realism of the system that the line is blurred between fantasy and reality!

In order to turn what you see on screen into acoustic reality, you need special speakers that are designed to play to realistic volume levels, without distortion or compression, to recreate whatever the director and sound man has imagined when your system can do that you have real movie magic in your home!

Artcoustic Spitfire

If you want the ultimate Home Theater Experience, and you have a big room to fill, the Artcoustic Spitfire system will do the trick. Most conventional loudspeakers are not designed to play with the kind of realistic dynamic range that only special application speakers can provide. The Spitfires employ specially designed custom built drivers which can play at unbelievable volume levels cleanly.

In addition the Spitfire Monitors are relatively compact and can employ Stealth art grills to appear as attractive artwork or can be mounted behind a screen. Add the matching high output Artcoustic subwoofers and Hollywood comes home! The Artcoustic Spit Fire system starts at $4,000.00 each.

Tannoy Definition Series

Tannoy is a name synnomous with professional quality audio products. The Definition series of on wall or in wall loudspeakers provide superb sound quality and incredible dynamics to the task of creating a real home theater experience with discreet loudspeakers. The Tannoy Definition series offers professional quality at very reasonable pricing of $1,495.00.