Floor Standing and Bookshelf Speakers

Audio Doctor has an incredible collection of award winning loudspeakers, from some of the highest rated manufacturers in the industry! We have speakers for every taste, budget, and performance level. In addition to high performance loudspeakers for the most sophisticated music lover, we have a dazzling selection of application specific loudspeakers designed to fade discreetly into the background.


Dali is famous for making world class loudspeakers with stunning cabinetry and high tech drivers. We have four series of Dali Loudspeakers on display from the ultra high performance Euphonia series to the starter Ikon series. Audio Doctor also has on display the critically acclaimed Helicon and the Mentor series as well.
Dali loudspeakers have a remarkable degree of clarity and yet sound smooth, with deep bass out of a narrow elegant cabinetry. All Dali's higher end products feature a unique dual tweeter assembly which marries a ribbon super tweeter to a soft dome tweeter. This remarkable hybrid tweeter produces a very sweet sounding high end which also excels at reproducing the tiniest details.


Esoteric's new line of loudspeakers combine stunning cabinetry with some of the most advanced driver technology in the industry! It took meticulous engineering to harness the special properties of magnesium and apply it to the service of music reproduction.
The award winning MG 20 floor standing, and MG 10 bookshelf loudspeakers sound simply incredible with a speed and resolution that few loudspeakers at any price can match! The MG 20 and MG 10 use these special super lightweight and incredibly ridged magnesium drivers for both the tweeter and midrange drivers, this enables the speakers to sound completely coherent. If you are looking for a slim and elegant loudspeaker that has the speed and articulation of the best planer loudspeakers but take up little floor space you must hear these loudspeakers.


If you are looking for a truly compact floor standing loudspeaker which offers sound quality way out of proportion to its size, then boy do we have a speaker system for you! The Ref 3.5 is an all new version of Gallo's award winning Ref 3.1 but taken to an entirely new level. The 3.5 produces a huge three dimensional soundstage, with a delicate full bodied midrange, and very deep bass for a speaker of its size!


From Canada comes the Avante Garde and Sonogram. Gershman Acoustics loudspeakers have a cult following in Canada. Gershman employs custom designed drivers in a transmission line enclosure, the results are truly impressive: the top of the line Avante Grade goes down to a shocking 24HZ for an extremely compact floor standing loudspeaker! Not only does the Avante Grade have amazing bass, the rest of the sound is equally impressive.
The starter Sonogram offers warm, punchy sound with very deep tuneful bass for less than $5,000.00.


Audio Doctor displays all three lines of Kef's award winning loudspeakers: from the stunning value priced Q series, the high performance XQ series, and the awesome Reference line!
Kef is one of the world's most famous loudspeaker brands and has been producing state of the art speakers since 1961! Kef employs a unique dual concentric midrange tweeter assembly; the Uni Q, this remarkable driver reproduces music with amazing clarity, and enables the loudspeakers to create a huge panoramic soundstage. As you go up to the next higher series of speakers, the sound just keeps on getting more transparent and refined.
Audio Doctor displays Kef models which start at $500.00 going all the way up to the $20,000.00 a pair 207.2 which must be heard to be believed how real music can sound!

Scaena 3.2

One listen to this hand crafted, elegant line array loudspeaker and you will be hooked! The Scaena 3.2 is one of the world's finest sounding, true reference loudspeaker systems, and at $60,000.00 a pair is a formidable player in this range of products. The 3.2 is a marvel of advanced engineering, and can effortlessly fill up a large room with very life like sound. The Scaena combines 12 ultra fast midrange drivers and 9 planer ribbons with a pair of 18inch subwoofers with a 700 watt amplifier and dsp based crossover. The 3.2 does it all from crystal clear highs, a rich full midrange and deep propulsive bass, listening to music on the Scaena's is a remarkable experience!


Produces the some of the highest performing loudspeakers for the money on the market! PSB utilizes advanced proprietary drivers, and computer modeled, low resonance cabinets. Audio Doctor has the complete line of PSB's loudspeakers on display including the remarkable $5,000.00 Synchrony 1 Reference Speakers, the Imagine T towers $2,000.00 a pair, and superb starter Image Series which start at $300 - $1,200.00 a pair.
Slim elegant loudspeakers with remarkable sound quality, PSB's are highly recommend!


Has built an enviable reputation for producing some of the highest performing loudspeakers on the market which sell for far less, than their performance dictates!
All Usher loudspeakers utilize state of the art drivers in extremely rigid multi layered birch and mdf cabinetry and crossovers designed by Joseph Diapolito and are built to the highest standards in their own factory.
In 2010 Usher is introducing a true breakthrough in high frequency reproduction, the DMD tweeter, a proprietary hybrid diamond tweeter which combines the best attributes of exotic metals with the rigidity of synthetic diamond. The new DMD tweeters have some of the silkiest yet detailed highs around! The DMD series starts with the award winning $3,000.00 718 DMD, which is a medium sized mini monitor which gives many speakers which cost double a run for their money!
Audio Doctor has on display Usher's most popular models including the 718DMD, the Mini Dancer II, the 8571 MK II DMD, and the awesome BE 10 DMD which is a terrific reference speaker which compares favorably with speakers which sell for $30,000 - $40,000.00 !


Audio Doctor is always on the lookout for the next big thing, and we found it, in Vivid loudspeakers! Vivid is a new name with an old history, Vivid was stated in 2005 by Lawrence Dickie who was B&W's head of engineering for the last 20 years! Lawrence brings to Vivid some of the most remarkable loudspeaker technologies ever employed in a modern loudspeaker!

Everything is unique in a Vivid loudspeaker: from the lightweight, incredibly stiff, cast composite cabinets, to the proprietary aluminum magnesium drivers which are faster with a wider frequency response than almost every other driver material currently employed by other companies, Vivid employs radical new thinking to make some of the most real sounding loudspeakers on the market!

The sound of a Vivid loudspeaker is just that, no distortion, no cabinet resonance, no overhang, you can hear more resolution and realism through a Vivid, and in comparison most other loudspeakers sound slow and colored in comparison.

Audio Doctor has Vivid's two most popular models on display the compact two way V 1.5 $7,690.00 and the larger three way B1, $14,990.00. Compare a Vivid to any other reference loudspeaker at any price and be amazed at how real your music can be.