Audio Furniture can be divided into two different classifications, furniture which is functional and designed to hold audio components with proper ventilation with strong shelves, and specific structural furniture designed to audibly improve the components which are placed in them. Audio Doctor has a wide variety of both types of furniture.


BDI makes a wide range of stylish racks all designed and built like fine furniture.


Is famous for their attractive modular furniture line the Synergy series. Salamander is the first company to cleverly blend adjustable audio furniture with the look of elegant custom woodwork in the Chameleon series.

Solid Tech

From Scandinavia comes the ingenious Solid Tech adjustable, vibration dissipating furniture. The Solid Tech line is a space frame which provides the structure for spring loaded frames to rest the components on. The Solid Tech line is both beautiful and remarkably functional.

Still Points

ESS Rack: The ESS racks are the ultimate audio rack. Can a hifi rack make a mind blowing difference in sound? If you said yes then you have experienced an ESS rack. The ESS rack is a handmade masterpiece of advanced vibration dissipating technology. The ESS rack uses very advanced isolation bearings built into the shelves and supports.
An ESS rack has 64 different points of isolation; the result is a complete elimination of vibration induced colorations. A system when placed on the ESS rack creates a huge three dimensional soundstage, the bass gets far tighter and micro details emerge like never before! An ESS rack is expensive but the improvement is akin to upgrading a major component.