Home Theater Solutions: You name it, we got it!

At the Audio Doctor Showrooms, we love Home Theater! We have an incredible variety of unique home theater solutions on display: from a state of the art Music and Home Theater Setup at over $80,000 to various hidden and discreet scenarios, starting as little as $1,800.00 for the speakers and receiver!

If you are dreaming of a dedicated high performance Movie Room we have that, if your dreams are a little less lofty we have many unique solutions on display, in fact we have five different solutions in our Dedicated Home Theater Room, and we have two other Surround Sound Rooms as well, each room features different levels of performance and kinds of loudspeakers.

Sound Room Two: features a less expensive collection of electronics than what we use in our big reference rig, here we use superb electronics from Cary Audio, and we also have two levels of Surround Sound Receivers from Primare, and Anthem, with four possible speaker packages from Dali and Gallo acoustics available for demo.

Showroom One: features an ultra-flat Kef system the T 205 system, and a two full KEF Q Series Surround Sound Systems as well as three full PSB systems. Showroom one also has four systems based on lifestyle friendly micro speaker from: Cabasse, Gallo, Kef, and Tannoy all being powered by the remarkable new Anthem line of Surround Sound Receivers.

In total Audio Doctor has more surround sound systems than you could possibly imagine in one place:

   1 State of the Art Music and Theater System comprised of the best of the best, $80,000-$50,000.00

  1 Close to state of the Art Junior Reference Music and Theater Systems from: $30,000 - $10,000.00

  3 High Value and High Performance Music and Theater Systems from: $4,800 - $2,200.00

  4 Extremely compact Micro Speaker based Home Theater systems from: $4,800 - $1,850.00

  3 Ultra Flat On wall Theater Systems from Artison and KEF, from $1,800 - $4,000.00

  3 Concealed Art Theater Systems, featuring three levels of Artcoustic loudspeakers, from $5,000 - $20,000.00

  1 Concealed Professional Cinema Theater System, featuring Tannoy High Definition Custom install loudspeakers, from $7,241 - $11,500.00

  1 Concealed Consumer grade Cinema Theater System, featuring Artison In wall speakers.

  1 In Ceiling Home Theater System featuring Episode Loudspeakers from $3,000 - $8,150.00

So if you love watching TV and you really want something fun, make Audio Doctor your destination!

Reference Theater Room Demo Systems:

1. Reference Kef Theater:

Comprised of the best of the best, a system designed for both music and theater: Kef Reference loudspeakers, JL Audio Subwoofer, Artison Subwoofers, Earthquake Tactile transducers, Anthem Statement Processor, Odeon Multi Channel amplifier, Runco LED based video projector, full room tuning.

This system is mind blowing; you have to experience it to believe it!

2. Tannoy Stealth Theater:

This system features hidden front speakers designed to go behind a screen, for a clean look. We use the same components as the reference system with the exception of the main front speakers, and we substitute a less expensive Anthem amplifier instead of the Odeon.

3. Artison Stealth Theater:

This system also features hidden front speakers; the difference here is the use of Artision's cleaver integrated center technology to derive three front channels out of two discreet loudspeakers. We use the same components as the above system with the difference being the main speakers, and subwoofers.

4. Artcoustic Stealth Art Theater:

We use the ingenious Artcoustic hidden art loudspeakers to produce a great sounding theater without visible loudspeakers.

5. Episode In Ceiling Theater:

To create a high quality theater effect without having to rely on speakers which are visible in the room, we are showcasing the Episode In ceiling Angled Loudspeakers. These cleverly designed loudspeakers feature an angled woofer and tweeter designed to aim the sound down to the listeners.

How to do it:

The design process starts with the location and selection of the specific speaker system for the intended space. We match the type of speakers chosen for the exact application and criteria that works for each individual client; this will cover the gamut of speaker designs: on wall, in wall, freestanding, music intensive, visual impact and budget.

After the speakers are chosen we will then select a compliment of electronics that will drive the speakers the best possible way. We will factor in the level of sound quality desired and the overall budget impact.

The final piece of the puzzle is the choice of the type of video display device, plasma or LCD, or projector.

Media Room vs Home Theater:

If you really want to bring the magic of Hollywood home, then the ultimate is to build a specially designed room for the purpose of watching movies.

A dedicated home theater room doesn't have to be large, even a small room such as a second bedroom can be made into a theater, our reference theater fits comfortably in a 15 foot long 13 foot wide room which can seat five to eight. You do not need to have special furniture but to achieve the best results you will need to allow us to add specific room tuning panels and devices designed to craft a sonic environment where the sound is balanced to enable us to create a sonic canvas for the system to perform optimally.

A dedicated Home Theater room will allow us to tailor the rooms lighting, and acoustics to enable us to craft the results we want to achieve. This is very different than a Media Room.

A Media Room is not a specific environment, but any room chosen to house a surround sound system.

What You Need:

  A five to seven channel speaker system.


  High performance electronics, either a receiver or separates.

  Suitable video display, a video projector or flat panel display.

  Room Tuning and Lighting Control.

 Equipment automation and control devices.

  Power management and proper cabling.