Vibration and Isolation Products

Vibration is an audio systems worst nightmare! Most people have no idea how much damage minute vibrations can do to distort and obstruct the ultimate resolution a high resolution system can do. When you remove these distortions a high resolution audio system can open up and you will be able to hear information that was buried in the recordings.

Black Diamond Racing

The shelf is an isolation platform that is remarkably effective. Place a component on a Black Diamond Shelf and you will be amazed at the difference you will hear. The Black Diamond Racing Shelf is a composite of proprietary high density polymers and Carbon Fiber. Place a component on a Black Diamond Shelf and you will hear a wider soundstage, tighter bass and great depth to the sound. The Black Diamond Racing Shelf adds only a few inches to the height of a component and can work wonders for components stored in a rack.


Harmonic Resolution Systems build the finest isolation platforms on the market, the HRS isolation Platforms combine three different damping techniques to provide an ideal operating environment for your sensitive components. Starting at $1,495 - $2,500.00.

Still Points

Produces the most effective isolation device for the money on the market. The Still points Isolation system is comprised of a specialized isolation cone, and a more advanced isolation platform, the Still points Component stand, which can be used together for a remarkable improvement in any system!