Micro and Lifestyle Loudspeakers

When space is at a premium, or you require speakers that can fade discreetly into the background, you need a micro speaker system. Audio Doctor has the widest selection of these diminutive masterpieces in the country! We can supply a complete system which starts at less than a $1,000 going up to the highest performing circular speaker on the market. Whatever you desire in terms of color, shape or size, Audio Doctor has your home friendly solution!


Is a famous French manufacturer known for building some of the most advanced loudspeakers in the world! Audio Doctor displays the Eole 5.1 system which is a fantastic sounding micro speaker system, priced at $2,800.00 for the entire 5.1 package!

Dali Fazon

Dali's brand new lifestyle models the Fazon and Motif offer remarkable performance in an elegant sculptured cabinet. The Fazon and Motif employ state of the art Danish drivers to deliver a speaker system which sounds as stunning as it looks. Single speakers are priced at $450.00 – $650.00 and complete 5.1 systems start at $2,500.00


Many people credit Gallo for creating the first line of high performance micro speakers, Audio Doctor displays two series of Gallo's micro speakers from the starter Micro Ti and A Diva Ti systems $1,599 - $2,400 to the truly remarkable ultra-high performance Strada system at $6,000.00. Gallo makes a wide range of exceptional room friendly products.


If you are looking for a really inexpensive 5.1 speaker package, that actually delivers, Kef’s brand new 1505 system is the perfect choice. The tiny satellites of the 1505 system sound superb, and are matched to a great sounding subwoofer for only $850.00 for the entire system!


One of Britain's most famous loudspeaker companies. The Arena is a compact satellite speaker based on the same technology as Tannoy's largest loudspeakers. The Arena system has a clarity and dynamic punch unmatched by other lifestyle products. $2,800 - $3,500.00