Multi Room Audio and Home Automation

If you are dreaming of the ability to listen to music in many rooms in your home than a distributed music system is what you want. Today a distributed music system can actually make real high quality music and not the boring lifeless elevator music of systems of the past.

Audio Doctor offers several types of Distributed Audio systems which differ in price, level of musical quality, and control capabilities. These systems can be simple conduits for distributing music, or can become the backbone of a whole house automation system.

Audio Doctor is always looking to the future and is proud to be affiliated with some of the most forward thinking companies in the home entertainment industry.


Is recognized as the pioneer of house wide streaming, synchronized, all digital music distribution! Netstreams grew out of the realization that the future of all media distribution would be via IP networks, the same reliable way that all computer use to talk to one another. The core concept of a Netstreams system is to locate tiny all digital amplifiers in each room to keep cable costs and complexity down to minimum.

The Netstreams system sounds remarkable and can communicate with lighting, hvac, cameras, and alarm systems. State of the art digital audio and automation that can be controlled via touch panels, IPhone, I pad, or Computers!

Naim Net

Naim from the UK produces some of the best sounding audio components that exist. Naim realized that Netstreams patented Stream net technology was the superior way to transport music throughout a home, and became a partner with Netstreams to produce the world's best sounding, distributed music system, NaimNet.

With a NaimNet system, for the first time you can have real, high quality music from discreet, hidden components! The sound quality of a NaimNet system must be experienced to truly understand the difference between mere "background quality" distributed music and real high end sound which only the Naim produces. One listen and you are hooked, a NaimNet system isn't inexpensive, but in life good things never are!

One additional benefit between the two platforms is they can be mixed and matched, you can choose to add a Naim amplifier to the rooms that you want to achieve superior sound quality in and use a less expensive Netstreams amplifier for less expensive rooms as well!

Audio Doctor is always evaluating the newest and most advanced control and distribution systems on the market, to bring our customers the best in technology!