Audio Doctor's Philosophy

1: Find the Highest Performing and Most Unique Products in the Industry!

We are very proud to represent a superb collection of audio components manufacturers from small independent specialty companies, from all over the word. In every product category you will find unique products not found in most audio stores. These products are at the forefront of both great sound and advanced technology! We represent products based on their sound quality and technology, not on marketing!

2: Pursue Excellence and Value!

We are excited to represent products which punch outside of their price class to be able to create the best possible sound at the most reasonable prices possible.

3: Seek Out and Implement Emerging Trends to Give our Clients the Best Possible Results!

When you seek out a custom installation solution you are looking at technology which will become an integral part of your home and lifestyle. Audio Doctor saw the writing on the wall years ago, with the emergence of IPods and IP control and signal distribution. Our multi room distributed house wide music and home automation system is based on IP technology.

4: We work with Installers to Create Custom Installations Which are Artistic Creations that Look and Sound Fantastic!