Electronics are the foundation of a good sound system, and Audio Doctor has a remarkable selection to choose from! We have one of the widest selections of integrated amplifiers available anywhere, as well as a mind blowing collection of state of the art separates from some of the finest brands in the industry!


Speakers are the heart of a high quality sound system. Audio Doctor has one of the largest collections of state of the art loudspeakers available anywhere, and our selection of lifestyle and stealthy architectural speakers is second to none! Whatever you desire from the highest quality music reproduction, thrilling theater sound or high quality speakers that can fade discretely into the background, Audio Doctor has your sound!


Audio Doctor stands at the forefront of great digital playback! We have a huge selection of Cd players, and all kinds of DACs. We have DACs designed to be connected to a computer or wirelessly stream from one. Our DAC selection includes some of the industry's best sounding products and start with USB DACs for under $200! However you interact with your digital music collection, we have the products to empower your playback!


A good quality sound system is only as good as its weakest link; connecting cables are a vital link to transport information from one device to another. Audio Doctor has a great selection of different cabling technologies to choose from.


To get your vinyl groove on, you need great analog playback equipment! Audio Doctor has a great collection of high performance analog products from the superb Rega line to the extreme performance of the Roksan Xerxes; we have your vinyl solution!


If you have a table top full of remote controls than a system wide remote control would be a fantastic thing! We deal with companies that are leaders in the field of home automation.

Racks and Furniture:

Audio furniture is designed as a safe and attractive place to house your gear. We have a great selection of stylish and high performance audio furniture.

Vibration Isolation:

Don't let your system suffer from the deleterious effects of bad vibrations, instead the correct application of specific isolation products can take your system to the next level put bad vibrations to bed and listen to what your system can really sound like!

Acoustic Tunning:

We have a wide array of products designed to make your new high performance audio or home theater system really perform.

Custom Install:

Audio Doctor has a mind blowing selection of state of the art custom install products on display! From hidden TV mirrors, in-wall and on-wall loudspeakers, distributed audio systems, you name it we have it on display!


A great home theater is only as good as its picture. We have some of the industry's best video products including screens, projectors and flat panel displays.

Subwoofers and Tacile Transducers:

Add more boom to your room, with a great subwoofer! Whether you are creating a movie system or a music system we have your bass!

Power Conditioning Products:

Audio Doctor has the solution to power pollution; we display some of the best power products in the industry!