Video Projectors and Screens

The heart of a true home theater is the video projector and screen. Audio Doctor only sells the best brands of video projectors and screens on the market.


Many video enthusiasts consider Runco to make the world's finest video projectors. Audio Doctor is proud to feature one of Runco's most advanced and unique video projectors the Q750. The Q 750 is a dlp projector which employs high powered LED's to light the screen! The image of this bulb less projector is remarkable, unlike a conventional light source the high powered LED's can be completely shut off creating for the first time a level of screen blackness that has never been possible before! The Q750 costs $15,000.00 however the picture quality of this remarkable projector actually makes the Q 750 a bargain!


JVC is the value leader in high performance video projectors and for 2011 features affordable line of high contrast projectors which can actually display a 3D image!

Screen Innovations

Is a class leading company whose radical new technologies have taken the industry by storm! Screen Innovations produces a wide range of screens including one of the best performing acoustically transparent screens, and a remarkable light filtering screen material designed to allow a video projector to be used in a high ambient light environment the Black Diamond screen.

Stewart Film Screens

Is the most famous screen manufacturer in the world. Stewart Film Screens produce the industry standard in Film Screens. We spec Stewart Film screens for rooms without special needs, their Studio Tek 1.3 are the reference standard used in the most discriminating screening rooms.