Electronics are the foundation on which a high quality sound exists. Audio Doctor has a remarkable selection to choose from. We have one of the widest selections of integrated amplifiers available anywhere, with models starting from $500.00 to $5,100.00 as well as a mind blowing selection of state of the art separates in both tube and solid state designs from some of the finest manufacturers in the industry!

Balanced Audio Technology

Is famous for their outstanding full featured preamplifiers, and amplifiers. Bat's sound is open, dynamic and crystal clear. We have their reference VK 52Se preamplifier and the VK 600Se reference solid state amplifier on display.


Bryston produces wonderful, high powered, affordable amplifiers. Audio Doctor proudly displays Bryson's most popular amplifier the 4B SST. Bryson's sound is clean, clear and dynamic with a 20 year warranty!

Conrad Johnson

One of the most famous brands in Audio. Audio Doctor is proud to represent this landmark firm. CJ is known for making some of the most natural sounding, reliable, and musical products in the industry. We have all of CJ's products on display from the starter LP 66s amplifier $4,300 and ET3 preamplifier $2,500.00 to the Reference ART amplifiers $33,000.00 and GAT preamplifier $20,000.00 whatever your budget we have three tiers of outstanding CJ products on display.


Chord builds the world's most advanced solid state amplifiers employing totally unique technology, proprietary parts, and concepts derived from the aerospace industry, these light weight, high powered amplifiers offer the transparency and bass control of the best solid state designs with the sweetness of tubes. No other solid state manufacturer builds anything like a Chord, the speed and clarity of a Chord must be heard to be believed!
Listen to the same electronics chosen by Abby Road, George Lucas, and Paul McCartney, Herbie Hancock and many other discriminating listeners, expensive but worth every penny starting at $7,000 - $86,000.00 a pair.


From Norway comes this exciting line of electronics. Hegel's patented sound engine technology enables Hegel amplifiers to have bass control and dynamics that no other product in their price range can match. We have Hegel's HPA 2 200 watt power amplifier and matching P4a preamplifier on display.

Manley Labs

An American Classic. Manley Labs builds tube products which are warm, punchy and dynamic. Manly products sound alive and draw you in to the music like few others can.
All Manley products are handmade in the USA and are surprisingly affordable. From the diminutive 40 watt compact Mahi Mahi to the 100 watt Snapper Mono blocks we have a wide array of Manley products including the famous Steelhead phono stage, Jumbo Shrimp preamp, Neo Classic 300b preamplifier and Manley's superlative power amps.


The leader in analog switching amplifiers. Nuforce amplifiers are tiny in size, powerful and remarkably natural sounding. Practicality meets perfection. Amplifiers start at $2,300.00 to $6,800.00 a pair.

Parsound Halo

Audio Doctor is pleased to carry the market leader for high performance, and high value electronics, Parasound. If you are looking for a reference preamplifier the BP 2 at $4,000.00 is one of the best sounding preamplifiers for the money on the market, the matching A 21 amplifier is a remarkable buy for only $2,300.00, this 250 watt powerhouse offers superb performance second only to Parasounds' $9,000.00, 400 watt Mono block JC 2 reference power amplifiers.


From New Zealand builds one of the most respected lines of electronics on the market. Plinius makes solid state designs which sound warm and liquid like a tube amplifier. We have on display Plinius's outstanding 125 watt pure class a SA 103 and one of the finest multi channel amplifiers on the market, the Plinius Odeon 7 channel reference home theater amplifier.