Deep bass is at the heart of a high performance audio or theater system. Sub woofers vary in terms of how loud they can play and how low a frequency they can produce. Audio Doctor displays a wide variety of subwoofers in many different sizes for many different applications.

Earthquake Audio

Is famous for producing reasonably priced subwoofers with thunderous output! Earthquake subwoofers play, louder and lower than most of the competition. Earthquake subwoofers employ proprietary driver technology and employ an optically coupled 600 watt amplifier. A Supernova MK 12 produces thunderous bass, yet only costs $2,100.00 The Supernova subwoofers come in a variety of stunning wood finishes from Cheery wood and Burled Walnut to match any décor.

Gallo Audio

The Gallo TRS series of subwoofers produce superb deep bass from an attractive easily concealed enclosure. Whether you are looking for a compact power house for a home theater system, or you are looking for a quick, musical subwoofer to match a set of bookshelf or compact micro speakers the Gallo TRS subwoofers are hard to beat! Gallo Subwoofers start at $499.00-$895.00.

JL Audio

the leader in high performance subwoofers. Jl Audio's Fathom series of subwoofers have redefined what is possible in deep bass performance. The Fathom Subwoofers employ a unique ultra- long throw woofer tied to a massive 2800 watt amplifier! The Fathom F 112 and F 113 subwoofers are lightning fast and produce room filling bass that electrifies both music and movies like no other subwoofer can. The king of subwoofers start at $2,100 - $3,800.00.


PSB is known for their marvelous loudspeakers, what most people don't realize is that PSB also produces wonderful subwoofers as well. The PSB HD 10 and HD 8 are marvelous high performance subwoofers which combine high technology drivers and massive power amplification into a compact and attractive cabinet. The PSB subwoofers start at $999 - $1,495.00.