Surround Sound Receivers

If you’re movie enthusiasts and you crave to bring the excitement of Hollywood to your own home Audio Doctor has a wide range of products designed to do just that! Audio Doctor has selected the best breeds of home theater products from affordable, superb sounding receivers; to state of the art audiophile separates we have the tools to make movie magic! We have chosen to feature products which are driven by two distinct philosophies: fully featured products for the tech savvy enthusiast and more minimalist music oriented surround products for those who value performance more than anything else, either way we got you covered.

Cambridge Audio

The 650 Surround Sound Receiver is a magnificent sounding, easy to use, high powered audiophile receiver. Cambridge Audio's design philosophy is pure British remove everything that interferes with the sound quality of an amplifier, and focus on making a crystal clear, dynamic sounding, easy to use receiver. The 650 is an outstanding bargain at $1,595.00.

Anthem MRX Receivers

A totally new line of surround receivers from the first name in Home Theater Sound. The MRX series represents Anthem's desire to bring much of the technology and sound quality of Anthem's award winning Statement Surround Processors and Amplifiers down to an affordable level. If you are looking for a line of surround sound receivers which bring every modern feature and great sound to the mix, your dream has been answered starting at $995.00 to $1,995.00.

Primare SPA 22 Ultra High Performance Receiver

The SPA 22 is a true statement product; this is the highest performing surround receiver on the market! The SPA 22 is an engineering marvel, with a high powered all digital amplifying section employing unique technology.
Think of the SPA 22 as audiophile separates shrunk down to one elegant looking package. The sound and build quality of Primare are legendary! This is the product to consider if music is an important part of your home entertainment equation. The SPA 22 is also a modular design enabling easy upgrading to accommodate future technology! $5,495.00.