Surround Sound Seperates

If you are dreaming about an incomparable surround sound experience, than your best choice is to invest in state of the art separates surround components. Even the best surround sound receiver is limited by the amount of space in the chassis; a separate power amplifier will be able to play with greater power and control. We have 5 to 7 channel amplifiers which can drive any speaker to perfection.

With the ability to separate out the amplifier, you have the freedom to design a surround sound processor which can offer superior sound quality and features. Audio Doctor has some of the finest surround sound separates around!


If you are looking for the best surround sound processor you've found it in the Anthem Statement D2V. The Statement D2 V is a tour de force offering incredible sound, a state of the art video processor, and class leading Anthem room correction technology to ensure that the processor can derive the maximum sound quality out of your speaker system. The Statement D2V costs $8,500.00. However, if you are looking to build an amazing sounding home theater nothing else compares! Anthem also offers a step down processor which sounds nearly as good for a more reasonable, $5,500.00. the AVM 50V. Anthem also makes very powerful amplifiers such as the 225 watt, five channel Statement A 5, at $3,500.00.


The new Cinema 12 is a very special processor; it is a minimalist design for the audiophile who wants to build a system which will sound fantastic for both music and movies! At $4,995, The Cinema 12 has won numerous awards for its remarkable sound quality: tiny details pop out of your speakers and you will be enveloped in a three dimensional sound field which brings you into the action!


The MCH-300SE-C7, is a wonderful home theater amplifier based upon the award winning technology, and legendary sound quality of Nuforce's famous Ref 9 Series of amplifiers! The Nuforce multi-channel amplifier offers superb sound quality and is eminently practical. Imagine a seven channel amplifier delivering 175 watts per channel in an extremely compact cool running chassis. The Nuforce MCH series of amplifiers have superb bass control and outstanding dynamics. Price $5,000.00


The Parasound A 52 is an incredible value in high performance multi-channel amplification. The A 52 provides five channels at 125 watts per channel. The A 52 offers stunning sound with superb bass and dynamics for an incredibly low price of $2,500.00 if you need more power the A 51 offers a massive 250 watts per 5 channels for only $4,500.00!

Plinius Odeon

The Odeon is a very special amplifier, undeniably expensive, massive in size, and unquestionably sounds like no other multi channel amplifier. The Odeon is a 200 watt, five to seven channel modular multi-channel amplifier built on proprietary Odeon amplifier modules right out of Plinius's two channel amplifier line up. The Odeon uses four massive stacked multi stage transformers and a huge power bank to enable the Odeon to deliver massive amounts of power to which ever speaker needs it. The result of this massive design is a sense of nearly unlimited power and acoustical ease.
You have never heard such a dimensional sound with a warm liquid midrange and propulsive bass and thrilling dynamics, if money is not an object and you are looking for something truly amazing, Audio Doctor has this incredible reference amplifier on display, $13,500.00.