Compact Systems and Receivers

If space is at a premium or you are looking for the perfect solution to bring music into an office, a study, a guest bedroom or you just don't have space for a conventional high end audio system; Audio Doctor has some cool tools to bring the magic of music into these spaces.

Our choices range from an inexpensive music receiver from Cambridge audio to high performance true audiophile products from the British company Cyrus, to a totally integrated music system with built in CD player, and Tuner from Teac.

Cambridge Audio

In this age of surround sound, it is nice to know that a pure music receiver is still available. The Cambridge Audio Topaz SR 10 is a powerful 85 watt music receiver which sells for only $499.

Cyrus Audio

If space is an issue and you want real performance Cyrus delivers. The Cyrus integrated amplifiers sound like big audiophile separates yet take up the same space as a shoebox, tiny in size huge in sound quality its Britain's best kept secret Cyrus. The 70 watt 8XP integrated is a true marvel.


The Teac NT 500 is a remarkable compact total audio system. Teac is famous for true high quality audio products. The NT 500 combines a powerful 40 watt amplifier, a built in CD player, an AM/FM Tuner, an Internet Radio and an all digital IPod hookup to enable you to get real high quality sound from an IPod. At only $800. the NT 500 is one sweat little device, just add speakers and you have real music from one compact little box.


The IA 7 is the ultimate in compact high power audiophile sound. The IA 7 is based on the award winning Nuforce amplifier technology pioneered in Nuforce Ref series of mono amplifiers, the IA 7 puts out an unbelievable 100 watts in an absolutely tiny lightweight chassis. When you want high power without having to sacrifice performance the IA 7 is a totally unique piece of audio kit. $1,650.