'I've been purchasing audio equipment as a hobbyist for over twenty years. During this time I've interacted with many high end retail establishments. It has generally been my experience that these businesses act in a business sort of way that is in their own best interest. They push equipment that is not necessarily in the best interest of their customer and once the sale is Consummated they lose interest in the customer until the pending next sale.

Then I met Dave at Audio Doctor. He is a true Hi-fi enthusiast. He invited me over countless times to his shop in Jersey City and spent many hours attending to me and demonstrating various systems until we pick out one that fit my budget. I cannot put into words how much this has meant to me, his knowledge, professionalism and attentiveness has been a major positive in my life.

Recently, on a federal holiday I encountered a problem with my system, Dave came over to my house and work on this problem till it was resolved. He is a true asset to his industry. I invite all audiophiles to experience what I have experienced. Give Dave a call at Audio Doctor in Jersey City.'

- R. Saturo, NYC

'Audio Doctor has the best home audio equipment and does fantastic installation work. I was so happy to get my home theatre designed and installed with real high end audio and video equipment. This is definitely the best company to have your home theatre installed if you live in NY or NJ!'

- Ryan L., Kew Gardens NY

'The shopping experience is unique, instead of a cold typical audio store; Audio Doctor is in a charming restored Victorian home on a quiet street.

Once I walked through the door I was blown away, there is every type of audio and video systems you can imagine on display, and the quality of the brands and the sound rooms, all are exceptional.

I came back several times to audition gear; I ultimately bought a great music system. I was even served wine and cheese while I was auditioning, and the sound rooms are like what real people have at home. This is one cool and fun way to shop, and Dave and his wife are super.'

- Tom Delancy, New York, NY