Room Tuning Products

The final component in crafting great sound is the room itself. Audio Doctor has a wide selection of devices designed to enable us to tailor the room's acoustics. Whether you room is bright or has boomy bass we have the products designed to fix them.

Acoustic System Resonators

These tiny inconspicuous devices work like magic to improve a high performance audio system. The addition of Acoustic System Resonators into a system is akin to getting a new system the differences are that profound! The Acoustic System resonator is a small device made out of different combinations of precious metals. A resonator works by being excited by the acoustical energy in the room and then alters the resonant frequency of the room's energy. The results of a room tuned with resonators is quite obvious, the sound becomes remarkably three dimensional, the sound takes on more depth, overtones are increased and instruments sound more real.

Echo Busters

Are attractive acoustic panels designed to either absorb or diffuse sound. The echo buster panels are both attractive and affordable.

Shakti Holographs

These attractive wooden pillars are a very effective at diffusing energy. The Holographs are specially constructed of two different densities of wood in a unique shape designed to break up standing waves. The holographs are remarkably effective.