Flat Panel Displays

The choice of which flat panel to choose from may seem daunting. Audio Doctor works with only the best flat panel displays in the industry. We can source many of todays' top brands of flat panels, however, for the best performance, we like to recommend higher quality specialty displays from smaller perfectionist companies. Sure these hand built and calibrated models are more expensive, but for those who want the very best their quality is worth it!


Is a small perfectionist company dedicated to making some of the finest flat panel monitors on the market today! Nuvision starts with the best consumer grade televisions and then rebuilds them with their state of the art video processing technology.

The result of all of this dedication is a superior picture without the artificial quality found in most flat panel displays. Nuvision televisions are not inexpensive, but this degree of immersive picture quality never is!


Is credited as the founding father of high performance video products. Again as with Nuvision, Runco takes the best consumer sets on the market and adds their proprietary video processing, to create the best looking televisions on the market.

Runco primarily offers plasma displays, while Nuvision usually builds LCD monitors.